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Kejriwal wants BJP chief to disclose business interests

Activist-turned-leader Arvind Kejriwal attacked BJP president Nitin Gadkari on the issue of irrigation scam in Maharashtra on the claims of his fellow activists that the opposition leader and a party MP, Ajay Sancheti, were involved in the irrigation scam.

He asked that ‘Why did Gadkari not raise objections to the irrigation scam?’

‘Unfortunately there is no Opposition left in this country. I want Gadkari to disclose his business interests. The country wants to know what is the relation between Ajay Sancheti and Sharad Pawar. The country wants to know all the work you claim to have done for Sharad Pawar,’ Kejriwal said.

IAC activist Anjali Damania had claimed that Gadkari reportedly refused to help when she, along with a few of her colleagues, approached him regarding the matter.

‘I met Gadkari thrice - twice in 2011 and once on 14 August, 2012 to discuss the irrigation scam. What he told me shocked me. He said Sharad Pawar does something for his party and his party does something for Pawar. He said you can go ahead with your fight but we can’t do anything,’ she alleged. ‘I asked Gadkari why BJP was not allowing Kirit Somaiya to file a PIL. He asked me if Somaiya had sent me. When I said no, Gadkari said Somaiya is an eccentric man, he doesn’t know the entire game. He said if they have to share seats they will have to be with the NCP only. I was shocked when I heard this.’
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