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Kejriwal tears into note ban, says Modiji took bribe from Sahara

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the demonetisation scheme to benefit his corporate friends and the scheme will not eradicate corruption and black money. Alleging that the scheme is the biggest scam of the country since independence, Kejriwal said the money deposited by the people of the country would be used in waiving off loans of the corporate sector.

Making a connect with the gathering, Kejriwal showed them a spiral-bound file telling them that these documents were recovered in an income tax raid on the Sahara Group on November 22, 2014 which were provided to him by a top officer with the Centre’s finance department. 

“These documents reveal crores were paid to Modiji by Sahara group but it was never investigated. I don’t know the money was paid or not but this should have been investigated,” said Kejriwal. The CM also read out entries and told that around Rs 40 crore was paid in installments by the Sahara group between October 30, 2013 and January 28, 2014. As per documents, two middlemen — Jaiswal and Sachin — were involved in it.

“The banks had given loans of Rs 8 lakh crore to the corporate sector which is also in the reports of CAG and RBI. The Modi government wants to waive off these loans. They have already waived off Rs 1.14 crore loans,” alleged Kejriwal. He also alleged that Modi secretly helped Vijay Mallya in fleeing the country. “He secretly seated Mallya in a plane and fled him from India who has loan worth Rs 8,000 crore on his head,” alleged Kejriwal. Explaining the alleged conspiracy behind the move of demonetisation, he stated: “The Centre expects Rs 10 lakh crore through this scheme out of which Rs 8 lakh crore would be used in waiving off the bad loans of the corporate sector who are friends of Modiji,” alleged Kejriwal in a public meeting at Azadpur Sabji mandi. 

He further added: “Last time when I had come here, the mandi was packed with vegetables, fruits and flowers. This time, it is vacant. I will not allow my mandi to be ruined,” warned Kejriwal and gave a three-day deadline to the Modi government to roll back the decision.

Kejriwal also pulled up BJP on the Rs 500 crore marriage of a former BJP leader in Karnataka. “Jaitleyji, what were the expenses in the marriage of your daughter? How a common man can arrange his daughter’s marriage in just two lakh fifty thousand? You and your friends expend Rs 500 crore in the marriage of your daughters and common people should do it in just Rs 2.5 lakh,” asked Kejriwal. 

“You take action against black money hoarders but don’t create trouble for the common man. These people don’t have accounts in Swiss Bank. They live on their hard-earned money,” said Kejriwal promising the traders and labourers to continue his fight against the Central government. 
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