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Kejriwal mounts attack on Modi government

Attacking the BJP for making "personal" remarks against him, Kejriwal said, the saffron party in Delhi is a "ship without a captain" which has no positive agenda left in this election.

The AAP leader said he would refrain from responding to personal remarks made by the BJP.

Highlighting the achievements during his tenure, the former Delhi chief minister said all BJP leaders attacked him at the rally, but not his work during the 49-day government.

The saffron party itself has given a certificate about his "good work".

"They say we dont know governance. Then who slashed electricity tariff and gave free water to people. Who ordered an audit of electricity companies. Do people involved in 2G and coal scams know governance?

"We know governance and we also know how to stage a dharna," Kejriwal said in a hurriedly called press conference at make-shift party office in 173 North Avenue.

The AAP leader said that the way he was ridiculed at the Ram Lila Maidan, where country's largest protest took place against corruption under the Anna movement, was "not right".

Taking a jibe at Prime Minister Modi over his assurances of 24-hour free electricity, Kejriwal said the BJP is not able to fulfill the promises it made during last assembly and Lok Sabha elections and was again making new promises before delivering anything on the old ones.

"Its only the Aam Aadmi Party that has a formula to bring down the electricity tariff and corruption. Only we can do it."

"With every election, they come up with a new promise. Modi says it took seven months to eradicate corruption from the top. But when will you (Modi) reach the bottom? Firstly, you should know how to do it. If you dont, then tell us. We did it 49 days. But for that you need good intention to fight corruption,"

The BJP on Saturday kickstarted its poll campaign for Delhi by wooing the voters with a host of promises. The party singled out 'anarchist' AAP leader Kejriwal for attack and asked voters to punish him for "wasting" one year.

Slamming the BJP for not fulfilling the promises it made during the last assembly and Lok Sabha polls, Kejriwal said, it is upto the people to decided on whom to choose.

"They (the BJP) said they will bring down electricity tariff by 30 per cent, but they increased it by 15 per cent. Prime Minister says he has a bulb, which can help save Rs 300 per year, which comes down to Rs 25 every month. We reduced the electricity tariff by half. Now it is up to the peope to decide on whom to choose.

"The Prime Minister says by 2022 everyone will have a pucca house. But whenever the BJP government comes, they demolish the Rangpuri, Wazirpur, Okhla and Vasant Kunj they did the same thing. So will these people wait for seven more years to have a pucca house," Kejriwal said.

He said Modi failed to answer a number of questions related to registration of unauthorised colonies and statehood.

Taking a jibe at BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj for his comments that women should have four babies, he said, "They say women should have four kids. Are women baby producing machines? They said women should not wear jeans".

"What about the security of women. After the BJP came to power at the Centre women have never felt so insecured," Kejriwal claimed.

He alleged that the Centre was planning to reduce the retirement age of government employees and the BJP government in Haryana has already done that.

"They (the Central government employees) should understand that after becoming the chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal will fight for them. ...not only for them but also for regularising the unauthorised colonies, slashing the electricity tariff, and for women's security," he added.
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