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Keeping the memories alive

Keeping the memories alive
An artist of diverse talents, the spectrum of D P Sibal’s creativity encompasses many hues and dimensions. We spoke to him during his recent exhibition. Read on... 

When and how did you start?
I had a strong urge at a very early age, infact what I saw around me was unlimited greenery horses peacocks and other natural landscapes at close proximity these early years of mine become such a strong memory which led me to start painting and keep those memories alive.

Tell us about your art work themes you choose, mediums, colours etc
My art theme mostly revolves around nature & environment, I mostly use oil or acrylic colours. 

What does art means to you personally. How will you define your art?
Art is a medium of self expression to my mind which is a language through which I express. I attempt to always push my self to go beyond and surprise myself with my paintings.

Tell us about the high’s and low’s of your art career?
Highs and lows are quite enjoyable as long as they don’t bog you down and you have the zeal to keep working.

Any special journey or art work that you would like to share with us?
It has been a satisfying journey so far. Yet miles ahead to go. It’s difficult to share milestones through your journey but notably my exhibition at the Slovak Embassy here in Delhi, an exhibition at Abu Dhabi, Osaka Triennale California are some mentionable efforts which were admired by many. To me my single most pleasurable thing is that my art being admired and liked by others.
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