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Keeping safe on Capital’s streets

Keeping safe on Capital’s streets
With road rage cases increasing the statistics charts and claiming more and more lives every year, it was only valid that the matter of road safety drew more public attention. With this issue of road safety in mind, PVR Nest organised a campaign to educate children and adults early on in their lives about the importance of road safety.

It’s flagship programme CineArt on Road Safety converges cinema and art for social change.

‘The issue of urbanisation required sensitisation of children creatively and that is why we decided to campaign for it,’ said Sanjeev Bijli of PVR.

‘Art is a language which can break down barriers and instill a deep understanding in creative ways. I have been invovled in many kinds of art for more than a decade, and therefore what better way to make a young start for children about the road issues,’ said Mallika Sarabhai.

The event was hosted by stand-up comedian Abhijit Ganguly who kept up the moments light even when the issue of road safety was a recurring grave concern during the event. During the show Harman S Sidhu, president of an NGo and a victim of  road accident, recounted his life-changing story. A short documentary on  how the campaign was done across many schools was also presented.

There was also a performance by Upstage Theatre who enacted a street play. Here a TV reporter, Atul Baskar, stands in the middle of the road causing traffic jams, asking people about road safety while putting himself and others in peril. The policeman in the story narrates how drunken driving and speed killed his young boy. Nehal from Mulaqaat, a Delhi-based society, recited a poem titled Bachpan. It was about a young boy who wanders about naively looking at the traffic signal.
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