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Kate Winslet doesn’t want to look ‘fantastic’ post delivery

Actress Kate Winslet has insisted she would rather not look fantastic straight after giving birth because she thinks it’s ‘sick’ when women go back to their original shape too quickly after having a child.

Winslet said: “It’s getting worse because people keep talking about it, they keep saying, ‘Look how great she looks three weeks post-baby. Wow, fantastic.’ Not wow fantastic, wow sick. That’s not right, that’s not possible.

“My little boy is 16-months-old now and it’s only in the last three or four months, honestly, that I’ve felt truly and completely back to where I was before I had him. That is the right way around. A lot of focus has been put on it its how you feel, your own health and your family, the health of your baby. Those things are important,” reports 
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