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Kashmir on my plate

Kashmir on my plate
It’s my very first winters in Delhi and winter for me means to binge on food. The city offers so many flavours that I usually get confused about what to eat and amidst of all the confusion I found myself in Eros Hotel’s A Taste of Kashmir food festival. 

The usual Singh Sahib is converted in Kashmiri theme, right from the table set up where a small decorated Shikara was placed along with the service staffs wearing Kashmiri dresses. 
The fragrance of traditional Kahva from the pot, being served in the traditional clay glass (khullar) was the thing that arrested my senses on a cold winter evening. 

Kashmiri food is an indigenous fusion of spices and herbs to bring out some of the most unique flavours across the country. Spices that are suited to beat the chilly winters.  The meal started with a refreshing drinks and a platter of starters both veg and non-veg to choose from like Surkh Tsaman Tikka, Rajma Kababa, Arvi Anjeer Kebab and more for the vegetarians. Maaz Shammi, Gadh Dhaniwal Tikka and Kukur Kabargah will be the recommendation for the non-vegetarians.

Kashmiri food is known to be a heaven for the meat eaters and for the main course chef Mujeebur Rahman served us  signature dishes like Tabakh Maaz, Rista, Gustaba and Roganjosh for the non-vegetarians. They also had plenty in store for the vegetarians with delicacies of lotus stem, mushrooms, haakh (Kashmiri spinach) and eggplant.

After the main course desserts were presented, one had ample options to choose from – Kong Phirni (saffron and milk pudding), Khubani Ki Kheer (apricot pudding), Chukander-e-Afroz (beetroot halwa), Sewiyan Kashmiri and more. I specially liked the buffet system with a big Kashmiri themed back drop, along with a traditional Kangri to keep the atmosphere warm. 
Whole buffet is set up in a way that the guests could taste through all the traditional Kashmiri food like along with different Kashmiri spices which were on display as well. The perfect ambience for that perfect lunch or dinner! We like!
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