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Karnataka poll will ‘test’ new team, says Congress

The Congress on Sunday said the Karnataka assembly elections in May would be the ‘first test’ for the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) new team.

‘This is BJP’s internal matter and I won’t comment on it. The 2014 general elections are far. Karnataka is the first test for the team,’ said Congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi.

Union telecom minister Kapil Sibal on Sunday said that the re-induction of Narendra Modi into BJP’s parliamentary board will result in the party’s self-destruction.

‘The re-induction of Narendra Modi to the BJP’s parliamentary board will cause self-destruction of the BJP,’ Sibal told reporters.

‘The real Modi’s challenge is for BJP. It is Modi who is seeking to takeover the party. Once Modi takes over the party, there is no BJP,’ he said.

‘BJP has no ideology of its own. How long they will survive with this kind of situation only time will tell. And for a experience person like Yashwant Sinha to be left out. Its only the story emerges out that those who fights for the cause over party are ultimately thrown out,’ he added.

On Modi’s aide and former Gujarat home minister Amit Shah, who become the general secretaries of the party, Sibal said: ‘The person who has been appointed as general secretary has got serious charges against him. The BJP is going towards self-destruction.’

Shah, who has several criminal cases against him and is out on bail, was allowed only recently to return to Gujarat by the Supreme Court.

Modi makes his comeback to the party’s top decision-making body after six years.
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