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Kapil Mishra recommends strong action against Pak

Recommending strong action against “terror state” Pakistan, Delhi Cabinet Minister Kapil Mishra on Tuesday initiated a petition addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi wherein, it has been urged to ensure that India should act differently against Pakistan. 

The petition comprises three points, including declaration of Pakistan as a sponsor of terrorism by the Indian Parliament, imposition of economic sanctions on Pakistan and immediate removal of the Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status that India has currently given to Pakistan. 

According to the minister: “This petition will be signed by citizens across India and will be sent to the Prime Minister. The petition will make the Prime Minister understand the mood of the nation and implore him to act tough on Pakistan instead of just making speeches.” 

“Actions speak louder than words. Apart from speeches what action has the government taken to show Pakistan that we are serious about combating terrorism,” Mishra added. In a communique, he claimed: “The government makes tall claims and false propaganda. They say that they will not let Pakistan get away easily. But all they’ve done is make some speeches, once in a while.” 

“Making speeches is good only for news headlines and Whatsapp forwards. But it has no impact on a country that is taking the lives of our brave soldiers on a daily basis,” Mishra said while condemning the Centre’s stand over Pakistan. He clarified: “We don’t want war. We don’t want to put our soldiers’ or citizens’ lives at more risk. But we need to show Pakistan that their support of militants and attacks in India will have consequences. If that doesn’t happen, attacks like Uri will become the norm.” 

“We are expecting the world to denounce Pakistan’s state-sponsored terrorism and declare them a sponsor of terrorism. But why will the world respond if we don’t even do it ourselves? The Indian Parliament should declare Pakistan a sponsor of terrorism,” he urged. In the petition Mishra noted: “I implore you, the citizens of India, to tell Prime Minister Modi that we want to send a strong message to Pakistan. Ask him to stop making speeches and start taking action.”
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