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Kamal feels vindicated by ‘peaceful opening’

Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam finally opened Thursday in 500 theatres across Tamil Nadu to full houses, as expected. The actor-filmmaker says the espionage thriller opened without ‘any incident’ and ‘I feel vindicated’.

‘There was not a murmur of unrest let alone protest, anywhere in Tamil Nadu. Fans from both the communities, Hindu and Muslim, had assured me there would be absolute peace. Sure enough, the film opened today without any incident. I feel vindicated,’ said Kamal.

The Rs 95 action-thriller was originally slated to come out 25 January, but its release was banned by the Tamil Nadu government. Significantly, pirated copies of
are out in Chennai, but no one’s buying that.

‘My audiences know how important the success of Vishwaroopam is for my future. They have decided to boycott the pirates because they know my survival depends entirely on the success of this film. So no pirated copies of the film are being bought,’ Kamal said.

‘For my fans, Vishwaroopam is much more than a film. It’s a mission. Likewise my colleagues from the Tamil film industry have pledged to see the film twice, once for the pleasure of it and then once because they want to ensure it’s a blockbuster,’ said the actor.
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