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‘Kabadi’ sent to jail for keeping over 1,000 kg electrical equipment

A ‘kabadi’ was arrested in central Delhi’s Gandhi Nagar for illegally stocking electrical equipment belonging to BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL). Over 1,000 kg of electrical cable and equipment was recovered from him as the discom had come across a few more such instances, and complaints have been filed with the police. Earlier, BYPL’s security and vigilance department had learnt that a ‘kabadi’ in central Delhi was illegally stocking electrical equipment belonging to the company. On being questioned about the source of the equipment, he feigned ignorance and did not give a satisfactory answer. Subsequently, a complaint was filed with the Delhi police. Officials said that at times, unscrupulous elements steal a discom’s equipment, mostly installed in public places, and sell it to ‘kabadis’ for a quick buck. With assistance of the police, BYPL is intensifying its campaign against such acts. Till now, action was mainly taken against the people stealing the equipment. But from now onwards, officials said legal action will also be initiated against those involved in buying, stocking and selling the equipment.
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