Millennium Post

The misinterpreted

29 Dec 2019 3:39 PM GMT
The row over outgoing Army Chief’s remark on recent protests is quite unfortunate and has unintentionally brought the security forces in the narrative

Axing the colonial spirit

22 Dec 2019 2:50 PM GMT
A revision of India’s criminal procedure code to abolish vestiges of colonial rule meant to subserve alien interests rather than natives is long overdue

Helpless justice

9 Dec 2019 4:37 PM GMT
We must not make a scarecrow of judicial system if anarchy and disorder are to be averted

Dwindling growth

1 Dec 2019 3:39 PM GMT
While the government’s optimism vis-à-vis economy is remarkable, a fallen GDP growth rate in second-quarter sings the true tale of a pervasive slowdown

Pushed in limbo

17 Nov 2019 4:38 PM GMT
Supreme Court’s latest Sabarimala judgement creates more confusion than it removes

Doubting the integrity

30 Oct 2019 2:15 PM GMT
Alleging delays in dealing with Kashmir petitions, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights crosses all limits by casting aspersions on the Apex Court

Privacy under fire

23 Oct 2019 3:23 PM GMT
Supreme Court’s January hearing set to decide at what point can the line between the right to privacy and national security be drawn

A dubious order

9 Oct 2019 2:57 PM GMT
Though it may not yield any punitive outcome, the Magistrate’s recent order facilitating sedition charges against intellectuals and activists further discredits ruling dispensation

Credit quandary

1 Sep 2019 5:13 PM GMT
Arbitrary application of western standards has shifted large sections of the Indian population away from the credit universe

Convergence of diversity

28 Aug 2019 3:10 PM GMT
True to its credentials as the oldest party of India, Congress had in its ranks people who stood for ideas as diverse as India itself

Privacy versus security

21 Aug 2019 4:40 PM GMT
Despite the government’s earnest push, linking Aadhaar to social media in the backdrop of security concerns seems to be a pipe dream

Turning a blind eye

16 Aug 2019 3:23 PM GMT
Our government’s failure to take cognizance of established environmental reports has proven costly – the plight of southern states, especially Kerala, affirms findings
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