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Jyotipriyo Mullick heckled by auto drivers

The misbehaviour of auto-rickshaw drivers has gone to such an extent that a Cabinet minister of the state was harassed by some auto-rickshaw drivers at the gate of Khadya Bhavan at New Market area on Friday.

There were some auto-rickshaws parked in front of the Food and Supply building when the state food and supply minister Jyotipriyo Mullick’s convoy was going out of the building. As the minister’s convoy was stuck the security personnel asked the auto-rickshaw drivers to move their vehicles so that Mullick’s car could pass.

Instead of removing their vehicles from the place the auto drivers misbehaved with the minister’s security. After seeing this, Mullick got down from the car and tried to convince the auto drivers to move their vehicles from the place. The auto drivers also misbehaved with the minister.

After the incident, the food and supply minister lodged a complaint at the New Market police station against the accused auto-rickshaw drivers. Police have started an investigation in this regard.
The auto-rickshaws which remain parked in front of the Khadya Bhavan often cause serious 
inconveniences to the vehicles that enter the office. Many senior officers of the department face problems while entering into the building.

Passengers being harassed by the auto-rickshaw drivers are common incidents in the city but it was an unprecedented incident where a minister has been heckled by the auto drivers.

There were many incidents where women passengers were even beaten up by the auto drivers. In all the cases the police have taken a strong against the accused auto-rickshaw drivers. But the misconduct of a section of auto drivers continues unabated. Even the elderly passengers were not being spared.

Many of the errant auto drivers do not even follow the traffic rules.  Police have started a probe in Friday’s incident.

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