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Just married... again

Just married...  again
This is our second marriage. Though I have no association with my ex, he is friends with his previous wife. I feel jealous and insecured. What should I do?
Name unknown, New Delhi

May be you have to express and demand. If you really can’t handle this, then be vocal about it. At the same time, please understand, some relationships are impossible to forget. May be his ex is a very close friend and the friendship is the only reason for the closeness. Try to understand him and try to be his closest companion. Love replaces love, anger will spoil it completely. Don’t let negativity grow. Nip it at the bud.

As I’m growing older, I am losing interest on woman. I don’t feel turned on in any levels of closeness. Am I turning gay? I'm feeling very guilty about it.
R. K, Patna

Oh dear! Please remember that you are not alone. If you are gay, know that there are many, many gay, lesbian, bisexual and straight people all over the world who have been in your situation. The doubt. The nagging guilt. The uncertainty. They’ve all been through it. Try not to think of your new sexual revelation as a burden; instead, think of it as a liberation. There is nothing wrong with being gay. You are not any less of a person for being who you are. Celebrate being you and be happy!

My daughter in law is from a very affluent background and she compares the financial status. Sometimes that leads to major problems between my son and my Bahu. How do I resolve this situation?
Mrs. Devi, Gujarat

Did you try explaining this to her? Sometimes we appear rude, but we are probably ignorant. Our silly, immature self neglects small yet significant things. Try to sit down with your son and your daughter in law to explain where things are going wrong. Let them understand your concern. I’m sure, the matter is trivial and she will understand in future. Keep your cool and wish you peace. 

In an intimate moment last night my boyfriend uttered the name of a girl. Upon asking, he denied this and is trying his best to prove me wrong! I have lost faith. Am I reacting too much?
Name unknown

Why don’t you have faith on your love and trust him once? Why can’t you erase the memory of one incident and believe him? It is difficult to comment on your query. 

This should however be noted and do keep your sixth sense on. If he’s upto something wrong, it will surely come in light. Have a good life and don’t stress yourself so much. Trust me dear, its not worth it. Enjoy your life and love as much as possible. Good things happen to those who believe. Best happens to those who hold on.

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