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Just keep Srini out

The Supreme Court’s decision to maintain on its earlier stand of barring N Srinivasan from holding any positions in BCCI until the probe is complete is a delight for cricket- as a sport. The apex court is seriously committed to cleanse the gentleman’s game of all its evils, a sport that this cricket-crazy nation symbolised with religion. When the IPL spot-fixing scandal broke out last year, all hell broke lose- cricket lost its audience, some cricketers were targeted and BCCI’s hierarchy was disturbed. The man behind the whole mess N Srinivasan was asked by SC to step aside as the chief of BCCI and cooperate in the investigations. A stubborn Srinivasan requested SC to reinstate him as BCCI’s chief but was turned down. Why can’t he step aside while the probe is on and cooperate with the investigation team in order to expedite his reinstatement. He has been accused of series of conflicts of interests. What is the possibility that by being in a position of authority he will not influence the quality of probe in his favour? When Srinivasan argues the decision of SC to appoint Sunil Gavaskar as BCCI’s interim chief stating there is no such provision in its constitution, he talks about the same constitution that he got amended in 2008 to enable his company Indian Cement to own a franchise in IPL. However, SC’s decision to ask BCCI to conduct its own probe respecting its autonomy, raises doubts about the genuinity of the investigations. It remains to be seen whether the world’s most powerful cricketing body, which has probably brought most disrepute to the gentleman’s game ever in the last one year, be able to conduct an independent inquiry which might spill the beans on many cricketing heavy-weights (including prominent cricketers) in the country. But, what all the fans want now is clean cricket minus the fixers.
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