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‘Just do what you want to do!’

‘Just do what you want to do!’
My daughter hates studying. She’s in class 5 and we are getting very worried. Please help!
Renuka Singh, New Delhi

Renuka, I think most kids dislike the association with books. With age, some realize the importance of education and naturally start getting attentive. I strongly recommend that you politely discuss the power of studies. You should also try to help her understand her hobbies, her creative elements. May be she will make a successful alternative career someday. Whatever happens, don’t get stressed. Support her and help her understand her strength. Good luck!

I’m 46. I fear that my sex life will be completely disrupted after menopause! What to do?
Name withheld, Gujarat

It’s very common for women going through menopause to experience a decrease in libido and sex drive. Because a woman stops ovulating once she’s experienced menopause, she loses that extra hormone boost that results in arousal. But, at the same time, some women enjoy their sex life post menopause. No fear of unwanted pregnancy act as a peace factor and they get much closer to their partner than ever before. A lot is in the mind and for ages women have enjoyed their sexual life irrespective of their pauses!

I’m in love with a Muslim girl. We are Brahmins and they are not accepting this relation. We can’t live without each other. What should be done?
Gourav S, Haryana

Just do what you want to do! Assuming you both are adults, I suggest, have a very open conversation with both families. Give them some time to absorb the facts and see how it turns out to be. If the attitude doesn’t change, work out the logistics and head for the ultimate decision of togetherness. Just be sure that you both weigh the situation before any final plunge.

I’ve just returned from Bangalore where I did my Engineering. After I returned, I feel very alone here. I feel completely out of place.
Dinesh, New Delhi

Probably the place you left has left a permanent impression on your mind. Or may be the independence of staying alone, the freedom of being your own guardian gave you peace. Try to engage yourself in some work that will occupy your mind. Check out for a couple of months and if you still feel uneasy, you can relocate back to Bangalore or any other place of your choice! One life, don’t compromise on small things. Cheer up!

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