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Judiciary must introspect and self-correct when needed, says President

Emphasising that the organs of Indian democracy – Parliament, Executive and Judiciary –should operate within their own spheres, President Pranb Mukherjee on Thursday said the judiciary being a “critical” pillar must introspect and self-correct, when required, to meet the evolving needs of polity.

Receiving the first copy of ‘Statement of Indian Law: Supreme Court through its Constitution Bench Decisions since 1950’ written by lawyer Govind Goel, the President said constitutionalism is the primary edifice on which Indian democracy stands.

He said it is the Constitution which is supreme rather than the pillars – Parliament, Executive and Judiciary – and each organ of the state “must operate within its own sphere and must not appropriate what has been assigned to others”.

“The exercise of authority by the legislature and the executive is subject to judicial review. However, in the exercise of authority by the judiciary, the only check possible is judiciary’s self-imposed discipline and self-restraint,” the President said.

“The balance of power between the three organs as enshrined in our Constitution must be maintained at all times,” Mukherjee said.
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