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Joys of parenthood

Joys of parenthood
I have just delivered a baby and have put on a lot of weight. My husband is avoiding me since then. Can you guide.

Mrs. Singh, New Delhi
Are you absolutely sure that there are no other reasons for your husband to ignore you? Post childbirth, women are anyways sensitive and there could be some other reason too! I suggest, speak to him and propose a plan of yoga, gym or walks together. Visit a proper dietician and take care of your diet. Alongside, don’t let love fade and do everything to keep the romance alive. Sometimes a simple hug or kiss might also do wonders. Concentrate on your relationship and enjoy the joyride of parenthood.

Our classmate stinks of sweat and seems to be absolutely unaware of it. How to convey this to her?

Name unknown
I would tell you to be downright blunt with the person whose body odor is somehow offensive. Real friends let each other know the truth always. Don’t point it out with others around and don’t do it very loudly. Be direct but discreet. Gift her some cologne or perfume. It’s not your job to make her smell better, but it is your job to let her know something is ‘wrong’. You can also drop a small note on the desk with a polite message too.

I met a girl through a common friend. She seems to be interested on me, yet, there is something that I find fishy. How can I find out the truth about her?

Rajiv, Noida
Just interact with her. Meet for coffee, go for walks, go for shopping, movies, temple, church…somewhere everyday or most of the days of a week to know her closely. Some people do take a bit longer to open their hearts to speak out their life, but, that doesn’t mean they are ‘fishy’! Keep your eyes, ears, heart open and start walking the path with her. Don’t have pre-conceived notions and premonitions before you understand the person personally.

I’m was living in a hostel. I had got physically involved with my batch mate. I’m not gay but I find him attractive. What should I do!

Name not given, Bangalore
You could be bisexual. And if you feel uneasy about that, you really have to sit back and understand your own sexual preference. Nobody can do that for you! In the long run, you need clarity about your own self! Bisexuality is no crime but this might affect your sexual life in future. Please have all necessary precautions and don’t have unprotected closeness with anyone. Be cool, take it easy and move on. 

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