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Jolt for Ajit as Chhattisgarh govt includes Jogi caste in OBC category

"The Cabinet chaired by Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh approved a proposal to include Jogi, Nathjogi, Thudia, Thuria, Gabhel, Gawel, Gudiya Gudeeya under the OBC (Other Backward Caste) category," a senior state government official told Millennium Post on Friday.

The cabinet, held at the residence of the Chief Minister on Thursday night, discussed the recommendations of the Chhattisgarh State Backward Commission and the Scheduled Tribe Investigation and Training Institute and included eight castes into the fold of OBC including Jogi and Nathjogi, he said.

This was a severe jolt to the former Chief Minister Ajit Jogi led Chhattisgarh Jan Congress (Jogi) as the new party, floated by him, wanted to retain the name of 'Jogi' in its title. However, BJP spread water on that by declaring 'Jogi' as a Caste under the OBC in the state, as law does not permit any one to register a political party with the election commission in the name of any caste.

How much the cabinet decision has affected the thinking and strategy of the Jogi led party could be seen from the statements of its leaders.

"Without any demand or agitation from people, inclusion of Jogi caste under the list of OBC is a clear reflection of conspiracy by the BJP led government in the state," said Chhattisgarh Janata Congress (Jogi) spokesman Iqwal Ahmed Rizvi.

"Ajit Jogi is known by his name and works and to check the popularity of his new party, Raman government has deliberately included Jogi as an OBC caste to stop him from using his name in the party," Rizvi said.

Meanwhile, Amit Jogi, the MLA son of Ajit Jogi said the cabinet decision has clearly revealed the fear factor of Jogi on BJP and its Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh. The cabinet was convened hurriedly only to declare Jogi as a caste, so that during the registration of Chhattisgarh Janata Congress as a political party should not have the name Jogi on it, he claimed.
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