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‘JMB reorganising itself in North-East, South India’

After deciphering the “code language” used by top leaders of Jamaat-Ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB), Special Task Force (STF) of the Kolkata Police has come to know that the outfit has once again started re-organising in South India to strengthen its activities.

The arrest of six JMB activists, including the outfit’s chief of Bengal and North-Eastern states, is a major breakthrough for the investigating agencies, as the accused are considered key persons behind the activities both in North-East and South India.

“There would be more arrests in this connection,” said a senior police officer.

The officer, however, refused to disclose the number of JMB activists about whom they have already received information after interrogating the arrested activists and through various sources.

The investigating officers have also come to know that JMB leaders and activists have changed their mode of communication. They have stopped communicating through phones or voice messages.

According to sources, they neither not speak over phone nor send any SMSs. Their most preferred mode of communication is through instant messaging apps, like WhatsApp. They send messages written in codes to each other.

It is learnt that the investigating officers are sure that the JMB leaders do not have any closed group in Whatsapp. Instead, they prefer sending messages to the person from whom it is actually meant.

Meanwhile, during the probe into the Khagragarh blast incident, investigating officers had found that the activists used to speak over phone among themselves to discuss their daily activities and finalise their next course of action.

They used to take the risk then, knowing that police hardly had any information about them.

With the change in the situation after the Khagragarh blast, police started a search operation to arrest JMB activists. As a result, they changed their mode of communication.

Police are now trying to ascertain whether JMB activists use any other updated mode of communication, like Snapchat.

After going through the decoded messages of the arrested JMB leaders, police have identified the areas in South India where they have began reorganisation and are leaving no stone unturned to strengthen their activities.

The police officers, however, refused to disclose the areas in South India where JMB is reorganising.

But it has been learnt that search operations in those areas have already begun and the investigating agency is trying to find out how the outfit has managed to spread its tentacles simultaneously in the North-East and South India.

Police are also trying to unearth any possible links between the activities in the North-East and South India.

The city police have formed a few teams, made up of two to three officers each, to interrogate the six arrested JMB leaders.
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