Jim Carrey calls STD allegations irrelevant

Jim Carrey calls STD allegations irrelevant
Actor Jim Carrey has accused his late girlfriend Cathriona White’s mother of making false allegations against him in her daughter’s death lawsuit.

In court documents Carrey has asked the judge to strike all allegations and mention of him suffering from multiple STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and passing them to White during their relationship, dubbing the claims “irrelevant” to the case, reports people.com.

Carrey, 54, also pointed out that in two of White’s suicide notes, she wrote lovingly of him, describing him as family and made no mention of Brigid Sweetman, her mother. “From the two suicide notes, it is indisputable that White looked to Carrey as the person she loved and trusted most,” state the court documents.

Carrey accused Sweetman of suing him in an attempt to profit from her daughter’s suicide. He called the lawsuit a “shakedown”.

He also disputed claims that he went back on his agreement to pay for White’s funeral costs.

Sweetman’s lawyer responded: “Jim Carrey has admitted he gave White multiple sexually transmitted diseases and purposely lied to her.”


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