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Jhargram emerging as major tourist hub

With tourists lining up, Jhargram is emerging as a major tourist spot in the state. The fear of the Maoists has gone and people from all walks of life are now coming to the area.

Private tour operators like Sumit Dutta said Jhargram is becoming a tourist hub and it was difficult to get accommodation if booking was not made before hand.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in a political rally on Friday said that a day would come when tourists would visit Junglemahal instead of going to other state and even countries.

The state tourism development corporation has set up cottages and is planning to develop 9 acre plot. 

Eleven cottages have been built in the area which is being developed as a heritage eco tourism spot. 

Work is on to restore the water bodies. 

The cottages have a double bed room with attached bathroom and a balcony facing the water bodies. There is garden in front of every cottage. 

A senior official of tourism development corporation said the cottages will be ready within the next couple of months. Tourists, who wish to watch rain prefer to stay in the cottages and enjoy the downpour. 

Tourists coming for short trips enjoy village fair and go to see the places including the forest at Lodhasuli and Lalgarh, the two most disturbed areas during the Maoist regime.

To provide better amenities to tourists, talks are on with a well known group to run the Jhargram Rajbati in a better and a professional way. The heritage building is let out for tourists. 

There is a VIP cottage where several dignitaries including Lord Wellington, Lal Bahadur Shastri had stayed. 

Rooms in the main palace are also open to the tourists. The old palace as built in the 17thcentury and Malla Devas was connected with Akbar’s general Man Singh. 

He came to Bengal during his venture to establish control over it.  

The Malla Devas opposed Lord Clive and lost the war. They had to accept a treaty where the Raja lost his independent status and had to pay taxes to the Governor of Bengal.

The palace was closed to the tourists between 2008- 13 when Maoists had set up a reign of terror in Jungle Mahal. 

With Maoists gone, people are showing keen interest to visit the place. Some have purchased land to set up their houses and even a multi-storied building will come up soon in the area.
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