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Jet Airways misled on reason for delay, claims flyer, moves DGCA

A Jet Airways customer has dragged the airline to aviation regulator DGCA as he sought a probe into the delay of one of its flights after accusing the airline of misleading the passengers regarding the cause behind the same.

Alleging that the airline delayed a Mumbai to Jaipur flight last week due to “non-availability” of a pilot and not for “ATC clearance” as repeatedly announced by the commander, Mehmood Abdi, a Mumbai-based corporate lawyer, has urged DGCA “to initiate inquiry into the matter and put remedial steps in place so as to prevent recurrence of such suffering to air passengers”.

In a complaint e-mailed to DGCA Joint Director General Lalit Gupta, Abdi said, “I was booked on flight 9W416 from Mumbai to Jaipur which was scheduled to leave Mumbai at 6:35 P.M. but got stranded for over two hours as there was no senior pilot (first officer) available in the cockpit as he was missing. 

All along, the second officer and the crew were lying to the passengers by telling them that ‘no ATC Clearance’ was the reason for the delay. But, actually, there was no first officer to fly the plane.” A Jet Airways spokesperson confirmed that the two-hour delay faced by the May 13 flight was due to the <g data-gr-id="29">non</g> -availability of flight crew. “Flight 9W416 of May 13 was delayed as a result of operational reasons which are at times beyond our control.

“Initially, there was a delay of the incoming flight due to inclement weather in Delhi. This operational delay caused flight and duty time limitations (FDTL) of the crew, which necessitated a change in the cockpit crew, leading to missing the flying slot as per ATC guidelines,” Jet Airways said.

“Passengers with kids and old (people) got restless and there was <g data-gr-id="21">lot</g> of commotion in the aircraft. Passengers rushed to aerobridge and sought to <g data-gr-id="20">deplane</g> but no responsible person (from Jet Airways) was available. It was very irresponsible on the airline’s part,” Abdi stated in his complaint. 
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