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Jennifer reveals her 47th birthday wish

 PTI |  2016-07-19 20:32:20.0  |  Los Angeles

Jennifer reveals her 47th  birthday wish

The 46-year-old ‘Ain’t Your Mama’ hitmaker talked about disharmony caused by the terrorist group ISIS that left 84 people dead including 10 children in France and Orlando shooting at gay night club in Florida, reported E! online.

“I wish something bigger than for myself. I wish that the world would find a way to resolve our differences and have more love and unity right now,” Lopez said. 

The American-born dancer, who recently paid tribute to the victims of the attack, said, “It was her idea. I had a song called ‘Love Make The World Go Round’. It was about relationships and love.

“I just thought once the Orlando thing happened, which was kind of the first in a string of things that have happened now tragically, I thought, ‘Let’s do something for this.”



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