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Jennifer Garner’s ‘licey’ moment

Jennifer Garner says she had head lice when she met George Clooney for the first time. Mother of 3 children says that her daughter picked up the lice at school and everyone at home was infected.  She recalls: ‘They (hair lice experts) come and they comb painstakingly through your hair... with this oil through...and you smell like a mixture of sulphur and was a day where I had combed through...and Ben said, “Hey, there's a party I want to go to, let's go”...So I get in the car and I go with him and I'm like, “What's the big deal, no one's going to notice...”. We show up and the first person I see is George and I've never met George... and I'm chatting with him and I can see that he smells me, but he's trying to be polite.’
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