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Jeans is too casual for Delhi Police

In a bizarre disciplinary order, the additional commissioner of police of the northeast district of Delhi has directed police personnel not to wear jeans and T-shirts while on duty, though he is okay with more 'formal' civil clothing. V V Chowdhury, who has just taken over the policing in the district about a week ago, blamed the district officials for not following decorum and overstepping the rubric under which the police officers operate.

According to sources in the district, Chowdhury stated in his order that, 'It has been observed that some police personnel are not maintaining police uniform decorum. Few of them were seen wearing jeans, T-shirt in add commissioner of police office and other district offices which appears to be unprofessional look. All the station house officer of the district must ensure that civil dress decorum should be maintained in add commissioner of police and all police station'.

The order was circulated in the northeast district on 14 May.

Sources in the Delhi Police say that Chowdhury issued this order because he felt the staff was not disciplined enough. 'He saw a few policemen roaming around his office in jeans and T-shirt. When he asked them whether they were on duty or not, they replied in the positive, which irked the additional CP. He immediately asked his assistant to draft an order barring the officials from specifically wearing jeans and T-shirts when on duty,' the sources said.

The sources also said that Chowdhury went a little overboard, as according to the rules, prescribing a dress code is not an official practice in policing. 'You can ask the cops to not wear some clothes as per terminologies, like casuals and formals; however, the additional CP has gone too far,' the sources stated.
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