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Jealousy can spice up your boring sex life

Jealousy can spice up your boring sex life
My sex life is completely over since my wife got too busy with my two children’s studies etc. I’m too upset and feel that I might land up betraying my wife. Would that be a crime?
R.Kesav, Mangalore
Crime? Well, that is too strong a word and is completely based on your perception. I understand how bad your situation is. Why don’t you force her to take a holiday or a weekend break with you? If she is avoiding this, just warn her that you will go and explore the vacation offer that one of your ex girlfriend was indicating! Jealousy and insecurity will heal your situation and might act as a catalyst in your sex life. Don’t lose hope. Good luck!
Last week when our parents were out for a day, I caught my sister having sex with our neighbor. When I asked her, she admitted of having an affair with him. I’m very confused whether or not to tell my mother. Can you suggest what I should do?

Name unknown
 You surely have the option to tell your mother but that will hamper and strain your relationship with your sibling, may be forever. If I was you, I would have kept quiet (assuming she is old enough to indulge in a relationship). Sometimes acting dumb and being quiet help us attain our mental peace. If someday you find that the situation requires parental intervention, please do convey your opinion to your parents. Until then, live and let live for a peaceful living.
I got married very early. We eloped when I was 17 and he was 20. I am a mother of a 3-year-old now. I have recently discovered that my husband is having many extra marital affairs. I’m shattered. How can I stop him?

Name not given
It is not easy to really stop anyone from doing anything. But, you should do everything to try and stop this. Words, emotional blackmail, threats, tears…..use every weapon possible to rectify this situation. Confront him directly and warn him about the ugly consequence that one has to face for adultery. The age is sometimes the reason why there is a lack of maturity and may be with time the situation will improve. Don’t lose heart and fight it out with the person whom you love. Stay cool and be confident. All the best!

I am a 20-year-old man. My girlfriend had a crush on a guy a long time ago. She hasn’t spoken to him in almost a year now. However, she still keeps talking about him all the time. How do I make her stop talking about the other guy?

Suresh, Madhya Pradesh
Are you sure your girlfriend is aware of the heartache she is causing you? Sometimes people do things unknowingly, please stop fuming over this communication gap only in your heart and try telling her how you feel. I am sure she will understand and you guys will be fine together. Just express yourself and don’t worry so much. Love is always meant to go a long way if it is true. Talk it out, sort it out and sail smoothly. Good luck!

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