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Jazzing it up!

Jazzing it up!
In 2015 Delhi International Jazz Festival will celebrate its 5th anniversary and has now become the biggest Jazz Festival in India. For the fifth time again, International Jazz Festival in association with the ICCR, from March 20 to 22. This year the color theme is ‘Blue’ which portray universal symbol for youth and it’s the least gender specific color. The three extra days of special jazz performances will be at the Nehru Park, Chanakya Puri, in the Capital. 

The special happening of the event, The Remi Panossian Trio (RP3) is a French jazz band who received acclaim for their album Add Fiction in 2011, Leon Somov and Jazzu is a Lithuanian electronica band. The group is made up of Leonas Somovas, also known as Leon Somov, and Juste Arlauskaite, also known as Jazzu. Piotr Wojtasik is a jazz trumpeter, composer and also became one of the most celebrated trumpeters and a leader of his generation in Poland. Enrico Zanisi Trio plays with an assuredness that belies his years, with a wonderful touch, lyricism and swing. 

Flamenco-Jazz Trio considered one of the world’s foremost jazz-fusion and flamenco-jazz musicians, Soul of India includes musical brilliance and talent which gain immense popularity amongst eminent classical vocalist, not only this they have adapted changing musical scenario and is constantly trying to set new trends and standards within its tradition.

Norbet Kael’s Trio is a fusion of classical and jazz styles using new approach emphasizing tasteful sensitivity; they are popular for arranging classical pieces into jazz keeping their original character in a unique way. Esteban Copete y su Kinteto Pacifico band not only show heritage and ancestral influence but also added their personal share in the search for new ways of musical expression in the region. Rimon Jazz Institute Trio is known for their unique composition and music.

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