Japanese forest coming up at Eco Park on 3.5-acre land

Japanese forest coming up at Eco Park on 3.5-acre land
The Japanese forest will come up on 3.5 acres of land and will be situated next to the central lake at ECO Park, said Debashis Sen, chairman, Hidco. The expected date of completion is May 15. The Japanese forest will be the first of its kind in the state.

Tagore had left for Japan from Kolkata Port on May 3 with CF Andrews , Pearson and artist Mukul Dey. The team spent two days (May 7-9) in Rangoon and on May 7 Tagore celebrated his birthday by dedicating Balaka to Pearson. They reached Cobe on May 29. A dinner was hosted in his honour on May 31. He was the guest of painter Taikkan and Okakura. 

Tagore’s speeches “The Nation” and “The spirit of Japan” criticising imperialism was not liked by the Japan government.

There will be a large gate with ticketing kiosks and a huge rain shelter canopy.The walkway is decorated with numerous garden elements of Shinto, lanterns and small and large Buddha sculptures, walking stone and many others.

Various types of bamboos will be planted in an organic manner to replicate the forests. 

Lanterns in stone and weathered sculptures will be arranged to give the area a natural and aesthetic look. Small smiling Buddha sculptures will welcome the visitors at the entrance. A monastery with a centrally located Pagoda, an inspiration from Ryonji monastery is a space for meditation. 
The monastery will have a three-layer Pagoda. It is the replica of an original Pagoda. Pond plays an important role is the forest. 

A central pond is created with Japanese semi circular bridge across it. A wish fountain will also be set up. There will be 15 covered Japanese food outlet where specially cooked Japanese food will be served.

Work is also on to set up a mist garden, the one of its kind in the state. In the garden the ambience of mist will be created by setting up number of mist fountains. 

The fountains will work from 4.30pm to 5.30pm and 6pm to 7pm every day. People can walk through the mist without getting wet and feel cool on a sultry summer day. The artificial tropical rain forest has attracted lakhs of visitors during summer.

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