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Jantar Mantar eateries feel demonetisation pinch

Centrally located, easily accessible and the most preferred location for holding protests, the Jantar Mantar area in the national Capital witnesses huge rush of people throughout the year.

A major beneficiary of this are the eateries located in and around that area. Being reasonably priced, the eateries are popular not only among protesters but also among the people who have their offices nearby. The recent note ban has adversely affected their business and there is a sharp decline in customers. 

Even as the eateries in the area continue to get customers,  people working in there highlight that there are some major  challenges faced by them. 

A major challenge highlighted by the workers is the non-availability of change among customers. Mohan, who runs a snack corner in the area, said: “The eateries in the area are small stores. We only do transactions in lower denominations. Some of the customers who come to us today want to do transactions using the new Rs 2,000 notes. As we do not have change we normally let go the customer.” 

Being a worker, Mohan highlighted that there may be a possibility that this time he may not get his full salary as his owner too is facing the challenges of cash crunch.

Mani, who runs the most popular South Indian eatery in the area, added: “I have not faced much of a problem yet. But procuring the food items has become difficult.” 

Rukhmini, owner of another eatery, says: “Since our items are very reasonable, our business model survives only on demand. Demonetisation has resulted in people saving even their lower denomination notes and this has affected our business.” 
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