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Jaitley takes a dig at UPA, dubs govt ‘a dead duck’

The Leader of Opposition, Arun Jaitley, said UPA has lost its will to govern, arguing that it made no effort to run the Winter Session which had to be abandoned midway while UPA members, allies and supporters, were mostly behind disturbances.

‘It is now an understatement to call the UPA a lame duck government. It is in fact a dead duck,’ he wrote on his website.

Blaming the ‘arrogance’ of power for compounding the government's non-performance, he said the Lokpal Bill was delayed by several years because the UPA refused to accept the formulations contained in the now-approved enactment.

‘An electoral rap on the knuckles has led to the complete collapse of their arrogance. Now all these suggestions have been favoured. Their leader decided to join the bandwagon though belatedly.

‘In the process he even forgot his 'game changer' speech delivered two years ago in the Lok Sabha where he had argued exactly the opposite,’ Jaitley said, taking potshots at Rahul, who recently rallied his party and appealed for support from others for the passage of the Bill.

Congress had earlier broken the negotiations with Team Anna and refused to accept his amendments and adjourned the session at midnight, he said, adding that the ruling party refused to accept the Select Committee recommendations as well.

Jaitley said it would be more appropriate to call Congress the B-team of AAP rather than other way round.

‘What is the UPA game plan to deal with the AAP? It may not be fully correct to say AAP is the B-Team of Congress. It is Congress which has now agreed to become the B-Team of AAP - again an evidence of the lack of will to fight back,’ he said.
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