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Jaitapur N-plant: Min clarifies govt stance

Jaitapur N-plant: Min clarifies govt stance
With stiff resistance from locals delaying commissioning of Jaitapur Nuclear Power Plant, Union Minister Jitendra Singh on Friday said the "the fault lies with" the government for not being able to convince the people of the "advantages of atomic energy".

The Minister of State for the Department of Atomic Energy and Space said the government is gathering all resources to make the 9,900-MW Jaitapur nuclear power plant in coastal Maharashtra as one of the most glorious atomic energy establishments.

"There <g data-gr-id="20">is</g> a lot of misgivings and we are looking at that plant very ambitiously, the entire atomic 
<g data-gr-id="37">energy</g> department is focussed on that, we are trying to gather all the resources to make it one of the most glorious atomic energy establishments, but again these misgivings have come up. We have failed or we have not been able to propagate the facts as vigorously and aggressively as we ought to have done.

"There is a lot of non-malignant advantages of atomic energy - it is environment friendly, climate friendly and these things are evidently very clear and if we are not able to convince our people and a plant like that in Jaitapur is still suffering from certain hiccups perhaps again the fault lies with us," Singh said.

He was speaking at the Nuclear Energy Conference organised by ASSOCHAM here. Emphasising more awareness, Singh said hazards of nuclear energy are not actually of the magnitude to which they are being projected and for that there is a need to have more awareness programmes with facts and figures because "we have stuck up with something like Jaitapur plant". 

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