Jadavpur murder: Police yet to make any arrests

Police are yet to arrest anyone in connection with the incident in which a 71-year-old woman was murdered in her flat at Jadavpur.

It may be mentioned that the decomposed body of the septuagenarian with noose marks on her neck were found in her ground floor flat early morning on Sunday. She was missing since Thursday.

A police officer said that they are yet to ascertain the exact reason behind the murder but they suspect that the woman was killed following a property related dispute with someone very close to her.

The officer said that though it is too early to comment but it could be so that the murderer or the main person behind the murder used to meet the woman almost every day.

In a bid to know whether the victim had any difference in opinion with anyone in the recent past, the investigating officers had questioned four of her relatives. Police are now waiting for the post mortem report.

The police have also come to know that the woman, who used to work in the house of the victim, had left the job a few days ago and another person had joined the work in her place. 

The police will question both the persons and would try to know about the persons who used to the victim’s flat.

The police have also gone through the bank account details of the victim as she had inherited a huge property of her father and that could be the reason for which she might have been killed.

After speaking to the victim’s neighbours, the investigating officers have come to know that the woman hardly used to come out of her flat. 

Instead the neighbours used to ask her about her health. They too were also astonished when they had seen the main door of her flat was close for the two consecutive days. 

They thought that the woman was ill and didn’t disturb her. But the local people were shocked when they came to know that she was murdered.
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