IVF, surrogacy and love

IVF, surrogacy and love
The city witnessed the launch of well known author Kishwar Desai’s second book Origins of Love, on Friday. The summer evening gave some respite to the book lovers as they congregated at a city hotel to engage in an interesting discussion with the author. Brinda Karat and Prasoon Joshi were a part of the launch and their inputs about the grave issue raised  in the novel gave the audience ample food for thought.

Well known for her first book Witness the Night
, Desai has extended the protagonists’ adventure in to the second book and as she says, the third book is in the pipeline. Each book deals with a social concern that plagues the world today. Witness the Night was about infanticide and female foeticide in India and how a strong willed social worker Simran Singh solves the mystery that lies in the heart of this evil practice.

Origins of Love is about IVF and surrogacy that has created a market of sorts all over the world where designer babies are the most coveted - until born with a fatal illness. No one wants  a baby then. Feisty social worker Simran is determined to uncover the truth behind the shadowy facade of the multi-million dollar surrogacy industry in the novel.

Though both her books raise grim issues, Desai has moulded them along the crime-mystery trajectory. Thus despite the weight of the issues raised, the racy narrative leaves one with way more than just information. That is perhaps the best twist for Desai.

Published by Simon & Schuster, Origins of Love is headed to London next for an international launch.


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