I’ve always been a very ambitious person: Jaysean

I’ve always been a very ambitious person: Jaysean
After delivering hits like Eyes on you, Down and Do you remember, British singer Jaysean is back to enthrall his fans with his latest single titled Make my love go. This would be his second single with Temperature hit-maker Sean Paul. In an interview with Millennium Post, he goes candid and reveals about his songs, his opinion on failure and his connection with fans via social media.

When are we going to see you perform in India as your fans are waiting for you here.
(Laughs) Well I think the best way to find out is to connect through social media because I am connected with my fans through social media and I am definitely going to let my fans know which city I will be at, the dates and other details. I would like to say that after four-five months, I would probably make my way to India because I am going to be promoting the record in many countries.

You came up with a song called Freak with Rishi Rich and Juggy D so what more songs are you coming up with?
Of course there is a lot of music I am working on. You know when it comes to the music,we’d like to take our time to work on it. Because we can’t drop an album in one go which is why we release the singles. We have a few more songs together, one of it we’re trying to get it into a bollywood movie and another one would be for the club. It would be correct to talk about them when the time is right. But for now I am waiting for my fans’ response on my song Make my love go. 

Every artist faces ups and downs in their career and I wanted to know if failure affected you in any way. 
You learn from failure. Failure has a negative connotation across the world where it is associated with not succeeding. I never look at it like that I never call it unluckiness, I focus on why didn’t that work and how I can make it work. Maybe I might make a bad music video, maybe you know I won’t make it like this anymore or not use the director anymore, maybe I won’t wear these kind of clothes anymore, whatever it is, you learn right? I never look at anything as failure and I accept them inside out. 

Who inspires you in life? There must be a driving force that keeps you moving forth.
It’s just me, I don’t know how to explain it. I’ve always been a very ambitious person and I have always believed in not accepting mediocrity and not saying that this is okay, this is enough and things like that. I believe that people who’ve achieved the most and changed the world are the ones who didn’t accept things as they were. People who change the climate believe that they can do more than that and I need to do more and I need to achieve more and that’s how I look at life.


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