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It’s okay not to be perfect

It’s okay not to be perfect
My wife beats me up. We are married for four years. What should I do?
Name unknown
This is really sad. When she is in a better mood, have you tried speaking to her? Have you visited any psychologist with her? I suggest, you take professional help or involve her side of the family. There must be some serious issue that cannot be neglected. These cases sometimes require legal intervention. Be cool and firm. Don’t get upset and look for a permanent solution soon.

My daughter is nine years old and doesn’t stop biting her nails! Can you suggest a remedy please!
Shweta, New Delhi
Nail biting is one of the most common childhood habits. Some studies estimate that 45-60 per cent of kids chew their nails. Nail biting, like most habits, often disappears on its own as kids outgrow their urge to do it.

In the meantime, avoid threatening or punishing your child – these tactics tend to backfire. Instead, tell her why you don’t like the behaviour and offer her rewards for self-control.

As a child I had this ugly habit too. It was more of a self realisation that prompted me to change. Don’t worry, this will surely stop.

My dad is unbearable. He is rude and I can’t take him anymore!
Name unknown
You got to remember he’s growing older. He won’t realise how annoying he is. Grin and bear it. Believe it or not, a time will come when you’ll miss him. People act and react in ways that sometimes irritate us. You try and reason it out with him.

Look for an opportunity to study/work out of home. Arguments, anger, irritation will just make situations worse. If words don’t yield results, silence might. Protest with ignorance and silence.
Sometimes it has more power.

I feel I don’t love myself anymore! How can I love myself more?

Niharika, Noida
Listen to your own feelings

Be compassionate with your feelingl Create a solid connection with a spiritual source of love, wisdom and comfort

Choose to be around loving and positive people

Take care of your body, your time, your space and your finances

Find love in your work

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