It’s ‘L’ for Vendetta!

It’s ‘L’ for Vendetta!
Where does the name of your band come from?

The meaning of our name changes with our moods, experiences and the places we perform at and how the people and atmosphere makes us feel there. It wasn’t a deliberate decision to name ourselves L for Vendetta (Lfv).

No hidden meanings , no subliminal messages. Just the flexibility that this name gives us to experiment with genres and musical styles is perfect

Tell us about how you guys started off?

Lfv started of as an indie acoustic folk duo side project comprising of Rudraksh Banerjie and Moses Koul (myself). We recorded our first single Bridges set to fire  after the first day of our formation and that song still remains our most recognisable single even though Lfv has come a long way from an acoustic duo to a five piece indie ambient act.

We felt the need to diversify our sound and soon we were joined by Gavin George, Abhilasha Sinha and Leonne Castellas to complete the Lfv family .

What is your original brand of music? Do you guys have a signature sound?

Our original brand of music is something even we don’t know , all our originals are so different from each other. I don’t know how it happens but irrespective of what the lyrics are about , our sound aims to make everyone smile and feel good. As simple as that.

We aren’t here to win competitions, Lfv is exactly the opposite of that . We play to spread positivity. 

Its all about making the listeners get up and groove even if we cant make them dance . Wherever that leads our sound, that’s our signature .

Tell us about the initial years after kick-off till how it has been thus far?

The initial ‘years’ are actually just initial months . We played our first show as a full fledged band late September 2012.

So we are really happy with what we have achieved.

We want more shows , that’s a given for sure.

What plans for 2013?

No plans. Take it easy policy .

What got you to take part in a festival like Metanoia and how do you see this working for you?

I was good friends with Venkat and he pitched in the idea and I couldn’t find a reason to not be a part of Metanoia. The atmosphere and sound was brilliant . The organizers treated us well and they have their own unique style of functioning which is very friendly.  

We are really content with what was delivered. It was most pleasing.
Jhinuk Sen

Jhinuk Sen

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