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It’s easier to make music than to speak about it

It’s easier to make music than to speak about it
Millennium Post speaks to Balderi about being a music conductor, his worst and best performance and more.

When and how did you start as an opera conductor?
I began to conduct opera when I was 16. At that time I played Harps Cord as a bassocontinuo in Monteverdi Orfeo. Once my maestro Herbert Handt fell ill and he asked me to conduct the performance... And I conducted and played Harps Cord at the same time.

What’s the craziest/most unexpected thing that’s ever happened to you while conducting an orchestra?
It was once when I was so tired that I began to fall asleep while conducting Haydn Symphony. It was terrible...

Tell us about your most memorable performances?
My most memorable performance was in Lugano (Switzerland) where I conducted a big and splendid orchestra Beethoven 5a symphony for the first time.

As you also teach music theory and opera, tell us about it a bit.

It is easier to make music than to speak about it, in any case it is a language so clear that it is impossible to resist it. I love almost all composers in the world.
Also, I had the chance to personally know the most important contemporary composers such as Ligeti, Berio, Donatoni and Strawinski.
But I can also connect with the compositors of the past. I imagine speaking to them and I feel that they help me because I really care about their creations.
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