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It’s boring and painful

Bollywood deals in excesses. We are more than aware. OTT emotions, plots, name it, they have it. And over these 100 years and counting, the audience has swallowed that Bollywood tadka with a pinch of salt and a big wedge of lemon.

Back on screen after a hiatus of an year, Rani Mukherjee had a lot counting on this movie. Perhaps. Then again she can pass it off as one of those out-of-the-box flicks. May be.

Cutting a long criticism short — Aiyyaa is boring. It is drab and occasionally it is painful. Meenaxi Deshpande is Main Madhuri Dikshit Banna Chahti Hoon version 2.0. She lives and breathes Bollywood. Her high-drama life is stuck bang in the middle of a completely
family.[apologies, the language rubs off]. And the lady hopes that a chance will come when she can get out from behind the dump of garbage right in front of her house and buy her freedom. Tough luck Meenaxi! Her parents are going full throttle to get her hitched. But in all this Meenaxi finds herself a job in an arts college as a librarian where she meets Surya [Prithviraj]. If nothing more, the drunk artist smells wonderful. With a serious fetish for olfactory bliss, Meenaxi falls for him — hook, line and sinker. While Surya is blissfully unaware of her feelings, Meenaxi goes all guns blazing to learn Tamil and watch the south Indian masala songs. Sad but true. That is pretty much what the film is about. The whole drama unfolds at a very slow pace and frustrates to no end. Rani clearly is a total rockstar when it comes to expressions, she beats Vidya Balan hollow when it comes to being the Marathi
However, with a ridiculously flimsy plot Rani cannot be playing this game. Anurag Kashyap should get her to do some real movies.

Meenaxi’s absolute crazy family, her co-worker in the library and canteen boy are quite interesting characters individually. However, when all is put together, it adds a matter of chaotic excess that becomes difficult to handle. The suitor who agrees to marry Meenaxi, Madhav, is probably the only one who has some semblance of reality in him but placed bang in the middle of the madhouse he also loses his blood. Besides some really couple of really interesting scenes, the movie doesn’t have much to boast about.

Miss it. You won’t miss much.
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