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It’s all in the cards

Oxford Bookstore Connaught Place hosted a Book Reading and Tarot Workshop by Kiren Rai, author of The Sacred Indian Tarot. The evening included an Indian interpretation of the cards and a session of Tarot readings at the Oxford Bookstore on March 4.

A beautiful, hand-drawn deck of Indian tarot cards, The Sacred Indian Tarot combines the classicism of the Tarot with the aesthetic richness of Indian mythology. The book contains twenty-two (Major Arcanas) unique hand-painted cards with images taken from a rich pantheon of Indian mythology. 

The cards of the Tarot consist of potent archetypes rooted in Medieval and Renaissance Europe. The symbols, forms and figures used to represent these archetypes have been taken from Indian epics and scriptures and are rooted in the tenets of Hindu cosmic principles giving it a truly unique Indian perspective. The Sacred Indian Tarot deck is truly a collector's item which can be used to gain a refreshing insight into love and relationships, finances, career planning and much more.

Kiren Rai has regularly used the Tarot as a tool for exploration ad divination and has done readings for a group of friends, who value her insights and look to her for a fresh understanding of situation. 
Fascinated by Tarot symbology, she has explored various decks and found esoteric similarities in the symbols used in all decks. This inspired her to put together an Indian deck of cards replacing the traditional Tarot archetypes with Indian images and symbols. While making the deck she has come to completion within herself and she believes that this mosaic of Indian cards, created by upcoming Indian artists should be shared by a broader swathe of people. 

She is a member of various online Tarot forums, blogs and communities. She enjoys discussing all aspects of the Tarot with a group of Tarot collectors, readers and enthusiasts worldwide and is a member of various other forums and communities involved with Tarot reading.

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