It looks like a Hollywood flick: Vishal

It looks like a  Hollywood  flick: Vishal
The star cast of Wajah Tum Ho accompanying director Vishal Pandya shared their experiences of shooting the film in the national Capital recently at MTV Café. The very talented Sharman Joshi walked in gracefully with co-actors Sana Khan and Gurmeet Chaudhary in the promotional event while expressing his immense happiness of being chosen to be a part of the film by Vishal Pandya.

When asked how this movie was different from any other movie, Sharman promptly answered, “Well, it’s something that I’ve never done before and I was super-excited when Vishal offered me this part. Thereafter, the entire journey has been very challenging and very exhilarating for me as I’ve played the role of a cop for the first time and it was out of my comfort zone. This was a character which I always wanted to switch to. I have got a chance to do it and I was absolutely elated. I just couldn’t let the opportunity pass by.”

Gurmeet too expressed his satisfaction after having worked in the movie and talked about his character in the movie, “Well, main lawyer ka role play kar raha hu aur mere character ka naam Ranveer Bajaj hai. Intense hai, romantic hai. Don’t hold your patience anymore. Just watch the movie. It is full of romance and suspense. Jayiye, dekhiye aur film ke bare mein aapko bohot kuch pata chalega.”

And how was it for the very gorgeous Sana to be a part of this crime-thriller and working with Sharman and Gurmeet? “Yes, we all know that this film is all about hacking a satellite and showing a live murder on television. So, definitely the concept was something which was the most appealing factor of the film for me. I had a great time being a part of this project. I’m playing the role of a lawyer along with Gurmeet who is my lover. We show how there’s so much of love and at the same time, we get into quarrels. Also, you’ll get to watch that there’s a case which we need to solve. I think this is the right time for making this film, as hacking has become quite prominent now-a-days. 

“This is one such crime that I always say is not really highlighted. So, I think Vishal Pandya has made that effort to bring this crime into limelight and put it forward to people: ‘what hacking is all about and what hacking a satellite involves’. It was not an easy film as it’s focus is on technology. So, people interested in technology would love to watch this film.”

Sana was all praise for Sharman and Gurmeet. Appreciating their talents, she said, “I had a great experience working with Sharman, Gurmeet and Rajneesh.  And of course last, but not the least, my director, Vishal Pandya. I would thank him to offer me this film and allow me to play Sia so well.”

When asked whether the film is a fictional one or based on a true incident, director Vishal Pandya answered, “The movie looks like Hollywood the way I have shot. And I’m waiting for the audience and waiting for the people to say that it is like a Hollywood flick and I am happy the way I have shot the film. I also think what Sana said is so right that had there been no songs in the movie, it would have totally looked like a Hollywood film. Haan, yeh movie true incident par hi based hain kyunki hum logo ne kaafi kuch hacking ke baare mein incidents sune hain life mein – hacking phones, hacking accounts, e-mail accounts, hacking passwords, hacking bank details, but usi ko thora twist karke maine isme liya hai. Then I thought that a film based on hacking a satellite has never been thought of earlier. So, considering ‘hacking’ as the theme would be quite different unlike other stories, which typically centre around love or romance. I even came across a few stories revolving around hacking a satellite. So, yes, it is based on a true story.”

When asked the Hate Story 3 director about why is it that he has been directing crime or thriller-based films and not any romantic movie, he explained, “Pyaar sabke saath hota hai, aur jab pyaar hota hai tabhi dushmani hoti hai. Mere saath kaafi kuch ghata hua hai... (smiles). But, of course, jokes apart. Is movie mein, pyaar ka mera koi personal experience nahi hai. I think every director prepares a genre of a movie and some of them are about to get ready with it. All those who have already selected their respective genres and have started working on it, can be considered as ‘teachers or principals’. 

“However, I’m just a student now as I have directed three films so far. I have just started with my career. So I’m not trying to jump to other genre so soon and at this point of time. I personally feel that firstly I need to prove others and myself that I’m good at one particular genre. It might sometime happen that a director ends up making films of all types of genres and then gets kicked out of the industry. I don’t want to experiment with any other genre right now and I think that it is a wrong concept. But, I’ll be getting into romantic films soon.”

Does Vishal find himself more comfortable in making thriller or murder-mystery stories? “Every director goes for such a genre which he finds himself more comfortable with. Although, it is also very essential for a director to venture into some other genre to be successful in the industry, I personally feel that every film maker must have a tag line of his own as far as the genre is concerned,” said Vishal.

Sana was in high spirits to express her experience working with her co-stars, “Of course, this was an amazing experience for me to work with all of them. It was indeed very thrilling to work with such wonderful co-stars. Wajah Tum Ho is very close to my heart and this was my first film in this genre and a lot of emotions and feelings are attached with this project. I was elated to experience an all new and a different journey altogether. According to me, every movie is a medley of romance, action, suspense, drama, etc. But Wajah Tum Ho is completely unlike any other movie, which revolves around technology.”

What made Sana so thrilled about this movie? “Till now, I knew only the basics of what hacking is. My association with this adventurous project gave me a chance to know what “exactly” hacking is all about and the ways to stop such a crime. So, definitely, there’s something new and unique that I’ve learnt from this film. Concerning my experience, I know Gurmeet from the beginning and I share some kind of comfort level with him. Also, when you’re comfortable working with someone, it reflects on your work and there’s no point getting nervous in such a situation. However, I was a bit nervous working with Sharman as I met him for the first time on the sets of the movie. But, I enjoyed working with him too.”

How much crucial was it was for the model cum actor to perform well in the movie? She responded, “When it’s your first film, you need to prove it to everyone that yes, you have the potential, you have the charisma, you have the power to ‘just do it’. And, I’m happy that I performed well in this movie. I’m grateful to Vishal as I could not have performed so beautifully without him.”

Is demonetisation one of the causes for movies not doing well in the box office? “Although demonetisation, to some extent, has had an impact on all of us, but that simply cannot determine the verdict of a movie. Let’s take an example of Dear Zindagi. People were very eager to watch it. It had the story line that made viewers go crazy. So, it is an essential factor for us to prove to the citizens that the story line of our movie is interesting and we are looking forward to Wajah Tum Ho,” explained Vishal.

At the time of wrapping up the do, Vishal, with all hopes, retorted, “Murder goes live on-screen on Friday…. (smiling),” expecting all to watch the movie upon its release.


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