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Iran leader says US ‘not trustable’

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Monday said the US was not trustable as, according to him, Washington failed to fulfil its obligations over the nuclear deal titled “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action”.

The experience of Iranians about the failure of the US in the fulfilment of its obligations pertaining to a nuclear deal signed on July 14 showed that it can never be trusted, Xinhua news agency quoted Khamenei as saying.

“The US has violated its obligations (over the nuclear deal) and is busy destroying Iran’s economic ties with other countries,” he said.

“The oppressive sanctions (against Iran) were supposed to be lifted quickly so that it could leave its (positive) impact on the people’s lives,” he said.

“However, after six months (following the implementation of the deal) there has been no tangible change in the lives of the people.”

The “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” between Iran and the group of world powers P5+1 was announced on July 14 last year in Vienna under which the UN Security Council terminated all nuclear-related resolutions from Tehran. 
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