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Interactives: Joke or serious endeavour?

Interactives: Joke or  serious endeavour?
Interactive meetings of the Delhi Police with people from North-East held at various police stations and district offices — whose minutes are submitted to the Bezbaruah Committee and Lieutenant Governor’s Safety Panel for North-East people — are apparently not yielding desired results.

‘Many a times, people who have to take part in these meetings are informed one or two hours ahead of the schedule. As a result of this, most people who can put forward the real issues cannot attend these meetings at all,’ said Maivio Woba, member of the Bezbaruah Committee and the L-G’s Safety Panel for North-East people. He further said, in papers, around a hundred such meetings have taken place in various districts of Delhi Police – especially north, south and north-west – and the minutes were duly submitted to both the committees. But in reality, not even a dozen effective meetings have happened till date.

When constables are enquired about crime against people from North-East taking place in their concerned areas, they often come up with the excuse of not being familiar with the crowd. ‘How will the bonding between cops and north-east people become stronger unless people participate in dialogues,’ questioned a member of the Naga Students’ Union Delhi.

According to the members of various north-eastern unions, these meetings should be well planned and proper agenda should be developed. They said meetings held in north district – where a large number of meritorious north-east students studying in various prestigious Delhi University colleges reside – have been quite effective.

‘Here, interaction meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month without fail at Kirori Mal College. We also make sure that senior officials up to the level of Additional DCPs from our side are there along with articulate youths attend such interactions,’ said Madhur Verma, Deputy Commissioner of Police (north).

‘In many districts, we find that when the quorum of such meetings are not fulfilled, north-eastern people are randomly asked to join. Most of them are unprepared so these meetings do not come up with any results and solutions in the end because of the unpreparedness,’ said Maivio Woba.

‘When incidents like Nido Tania (January 2014) or Akha Salouni (August 2014) happened, police took certain measures which hardly lasted long. The problem is that they take it for granted that the entire episode shall end in a few days,’ said Phungshok Khongreiwo, president of the Tangkhul Students’ Union Delhi.

The Bezbaruah Committe was set up in February 2014 after the death of Nido Tania, a 19-year-old student from Arunachal Pradesh who died in the national Capital in an alleged racial attack.
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