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Intel warns of aerial attacks in VVIP areas

Intelligence agencies have shared specific inputs with the Home Ministry that several sleeper cells of the terror outfits, including Islamic State (IS), are planning aerial strikes on various locations such as Parliament House, North Block, South Block and other VVIP areas in New Delhi district in the near future, sources told Millennium Post.

The sleeper cells are misusing the cyber cafes in the area for communication. 

After receiving the input, the Home Ministry has directed Delhi Police to be vigilant for unmanned aircraft system (UAS) and drones. According to sources, orders have been given by the top honchos to the police personnel to shoot if they found any suspicious drone in their areas.

A source in the Delhi Police confirmed about the inputs received. The input said: “Parliament House, North Block, South Block, Central Vista lawns, residences of members of Parliament, offices of ministries, vital installations along with their surrounding localities and areas, are inhabited and frequented by Constitutional authorities, VVIPs, senior government functionaries and other dignitaries with high degree of threat to their safety and security.”

Another source in an intelligence agency told Millennium Post that recently some IS sympathisers in India and sleeper cells of terror outfits in 

Delhi-NCR have been active. They have done recce of the targets and in the near future could execute an aerial attack. “The motive is to create panic among the bureaucrats and to imbalance the functioning of the government,” the source added. Sharing the intel, the source said: “The suspects are planning to use paraglider, parasail, paramotor, unmanned aerial vehicles/remotely piloted aircraft, aeromodel, microlight aircraft, hang glider or hot air balloon in Delhi.” Therefore, Delhi Police on Tuesday issued an order for prohibition of flying objects in the area at least for the next 60 days. The order is in possession with Millennium Post.

Another input obtained by the agencies revealed that the attackers may seek hideouts in residential areas in New Delhi district, specifically in the jurisdiction of Parliament Street. “We have instructed all landlords not to let out any accommodation to any person unless and until the tenant verification by the SHO,” said a source in Delhi Police.

The input further reveals that certain criminal anti-social elements (terror suspects) are using “cyber cafes” in New Delhi to mislead security agencies, create panic among the public, and endanger the security of VVIPs and government institutions to directly affect the security of the state. After receiving the intel, Delhi Police has prohibited the use of cyber cafes by unknown persons and instructed the owners follow the norms accordingly.
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