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Integration of work in the journey of the life

Integration of work in the journey of the life
Comprising of forty paintings that showcase the artist’s voyage across forty years, the exhibition 40 Years, 40 Works by Niren Sen Gupta explores his spiritual journey, the aesthetic nuances he distilled over the years. The abstract figures and the colours radiating energies off the canvas talk of the artist’s spiritual journey integrated into his work.

He finds ready inspiration in the wisdom of the Ramakrishna Mission, in the monks he portrays in saffron robes, symbolizing the spirit of sacrifice. He uses symbolism in elements like the lotus; the auspicious banana tree and the usage of bright colours which help enforce the underlined message that there is hope for all mankind in a sublime and subtle manner.

Born in Bengal in 1940, Gupta imbibed the love, affection and the artistic bend of mind from his mother. Her lasting imprints can be seen in the way he portrays women in his works. He has participated in various group shows in India and abroad. He has been celebrated nationally through coveted awards like AIFACS Award, Maha Kaushal Award and Bangladesh National award.

A senior artist-cum-art-educator Sengupta retired as the principal of College of Art, Delhi. He created his own brand, focusing mostly on Buddhist legends. The Prince or The Princess became the symbols of his work. Imbued with a sculptural style, which may even be termed as ‘Cubism’ (a geometrical approach to both figures and objects) Sengupta chissels his faces to show their various aspects and features. Even the rest of the picture space is filled with geometrically oriented objects (clothes and limbs too get the scene treatment). Colours, generally in a contrasting mode, are used as separating hues that define the form, finally.

Things spiritual are the realm in which the artist delves with ease. However, he is prolific in his output and has experimented with various colour orientations. Of late, he has been touching upon themes that do not depend on the historic persona for their impact. Work like The Spiritual Journey features only a religious figure while retaining an spiritual environment.
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