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Curbing pet overpopulation

Curbing pet overpopulation
Can dogs undergo an abortion?
Animal mating happens naturally, and one effort to curb the pet overpopulation is to spay and neuter. There are a few scenarios where pet owners may decide to terminate the pregnancy.Diagnosis
Many dogs presented for abortions may not even be pregnant. It is important to verify your dog is pregnant before having any treatment administered. Some drugs that induce abortion have side effects that could cause health problems for your pet, and this can be serious if the treatment is unnecessary.
i. Was the dog in heat? If the dog was not in heat, there is a reduced chance the dog is pregnant. Vets can test for this with a vaginal smear.
ii. Was there enough time for it to happen? Mating usually takes 20 to 30 minutes on average. If your dog was gone for only five minutes, the chances of pregnancy are greatly reduced.
iii. Was the dog mated? The vet can check for signs that the dog is pregnant. Options include swab tests for sperm if shortly after the mating was suspected, ultrasounds, checking for fetal heartbeats or performing a pregnancy test. Pregnancy test kits are also available for sale (around $120 for a pack of five).
Various drugs may be used depending on your dog and the vet's experience.
a. In recent years the uses of estrogen injections and pills have been reduced because of their side effects. Estrogen injections may be done soon after the mating, but its side effects can include bone marrow suppression, anemia or pyrometra (uterine disease). These health issues can be serious or even fatal to your dog.
b. Another injection sometimes used is Dexamethasone. This injection is administered by your vet. Side effects include panting, excessive thirst and/or excessive urination.
c. Prostaglandin F2 alpha (PGF) is considered a natural hormone your vet might administer. Side effects include panting, trembling, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and excessive drooling.
Side effects are possible with any form of treatment. Pain, discomfort and bleeding are possible with any abortion, spontaneous or planned. Monitor your dog closely for side effects, consider pain management options and have a plan in place to manage future pregnancies or spay your dog.
Be wary of any medication described for ending pregnancies in dogs that are available for purchase. Any treatments are best left to your vet in a clinical setting. Additionally, never give your pet medications made for humans without consulting your vet, they could be lethal.

Can monkeys be kept as house pets?
No, it is illegal under the Wildlife Protection Act 1972.
Monkeys as little babies are very cute and cuddly. However, this phase always ends. The monkey gets angry,destructive and violent. What is happening is that your cute little surrogate child is becoming what God intended it to become – a monkey. It is not tameable. You will then cage it which is extremely cruel.
It will become bored and upset because it does not have the space, monkey-to-monkey interactions and activities to keep it occupied. It will bite you and fly into rages when insignificant things happen that it does not like or for no apparent reason at all. It will begin to act psychotic, hugging itself, rocking, sucking its fingers and pace its cage. It will chatter a lot and "smile". Monkeys do not smile because they are happy; they smile when they are anxious or frightened. It will become more and more demanding and possessive of your time and attention. It may remain loving with you, but fly into a jealous rage with other members of your family.
Ultimately you will either kill it which is murder. Or you will leave it in the wild where it is unable to fend for itself and will die when it approaches other humans and homes.
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