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Getting over a superstar

Getting over a superstar
We are divorced and live in different cities. I'm unable to mix with any man. I feel depressed. Please guide.
Prerna, New Delhi
Get involved in hobbies that will keep you busy. If you sit idle, depression will engulf you. Hang around with people who are easy to be with. Meet and mix freely without any prejudice or expectation. Don't brood and feel depressed about the past. We all have to adapt and move ahead. Destiny surely has better plans for you. Don't lose faith. Let go of the broken past and keep yourself happy.

My mother is always suspecting me. She keeps checking my phone and browses my computer. I hate it.
D Jha, West Bengal
Suspicion is almost a disease. It is often extremely painful to be a victim. To begin with, express yourself to her in whatever way possible. You can also seek help from any other guardian who can probably communicate to your mother. Gadgets and devices have password options. You can keep changing it to ensure privacy. Don't lose heart for these things. Revolt silently and time will fix it.
I had to quit my job because of office politics. I'm feeling shattered and demotivated. Please help.
Beena, Noida
I congratulate you for your decision to move on. Always remember: what breaks you can never make you. Certain situations and environment are toxic for us. You cannot control things that are beyond your ability. Don't look back. Give yourself a break.
Go for a vacation and do things that make you happy. Sit down peacefully and make a list of things you can do. Look out for options that suit you and will motivate you to put your best. It's a new year and I'm sure that you will get better opportunities to explore. Best wishes.

I have fallen in love with a superstar. I can't get over this feeling. I'm in class 12 and he is all I want. Can you help me with my dream?
P Sen, Kolkata
You know it is a dream which is far away from reality and real world. We all have such phases of infatuation. Right now your only focus should be on your studies and career. Please remember to remind yourself that the superstar you are chasing is nothing but an actor who is playing multiple roles to attract millions like you. I'm sure that a few years from now you will look back and laugh at yourself. Don't waste life on someone who would never even know about your existence and feelings. Invest on your betterment and do well in life.

I had physical intimacy with my teacher when I was in High School. I'm 28 years old. He called me last week and wanted to meet. Should I meet him or ignore him?
Name unknown
I suggest that you try to have a telephonic conversation with him before you make up your mind. Try to know why he has surfaced up suddenly. If after everything you still want to catch up, meet at a public place and don't spend much time with him. If you are not willing to meet him, be firm and express your decision politely.

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