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Insight to ‘71 Bengal

Insight to ‘71 Bengal
Art, music, dance are just a few ways of expressing one’s emotions in a way that people connect to it. Theatre among all the performing arts is one that can actually make one smile, laugh, excited and if done well, it can also make one cry. A strong topic is a must for a play to be a success. And here we have in the Capital, produced by People’s Theatre Group, Abaar Ekattor, meaning ‘71 Again.
 It  is one of the most critically acclaimed play across the country. It goes back to the horrifying days of 1971 when the human race in east was paralysed by famine, war and birth of Bangladesh from the womb of sacrifices. The migration of millions to India led to instability and borders were drawn with political knives.

The change that is perceived to be happening is a mirage of political extravaganza that overshadows the lives of people. Polarisation and bifurcation of human ideologies summons the change that tears apart human characteristics. Toying with the current mockery of democracy by the politicians and religious intimidators, the play begins and ends with journey of four lives that have travelled through different situations since 1971. The time has changed but the process of living through fallacies of democracy has not gone beyond times.

After more than four decades of those dark days, similar issues have come back to haunt us, only in a discreet tone. The bifurcation of India into new states and new castes have taken out those knives which might be rusted but has not lost its illumined features. Regional and religious conflicts, rotten grains, unfathomed prices for necessities, corrupt axis of power and growing discontent over the very existence of constitution, mark the return of those days.

Abaar Ekattor is written and directed by one of the most people oriented contemporary dramatist, Niloy Roy. He has gained many a critical appreciation for his other plays. Iti Krishna, Chotushpod, Jam, Typewriter, Ekti Ayena O Duti Oboyob are just a few to mention. Swapner Shohor - City of Dreams was a play that emphasises on greed, lust and growing urban facade over simplistic human need, the playwright emerges as much more valiant in Abaar ‘71. With the kind of appreciation it received, a formidable performance is expected this time too. Don’t miss this.
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