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Inflation no bar: Winter holiday budgets surge 48% this year

High inflation is not coming in the way of holiday spends as more and more travellers are booking longer and expensive holiday packages this winter compared with last year, says a report.

'The average holiday budgets per person per night have increased to Rs 2,325 this winter from Rs 1,564 in 2012, indicating a 48 per cent rise.
'Trips have become longer by 36.3 per cent with travellers taking an average trip of 3.8 nights this year,' says holiday information portal's report 'Insights: Winter Holidays Prediction Report 2013'.

It analyses the patterns between November 2013 and January 2014.

But though not skimping on the budget, people are planning trips in smaller groups, with group size decreasing 16 per cent.

Beach and hill station destinations are most popular this winter, accounting for almost 78 per cent of the holidays planned, according to the report. Due to winter holidays in schools, families form a significant part (26 per cent of planned trips) of tourist traffic.

Traditionally, the report says, travellers prefer to travel within the region they reside in. However, this winter there is a marked increase in travellers choosing holiday destinations outside their region. Last year only 41 per cent of winter trips were planned outside the traveller's region of residence, whereas this year such trips account for 66 per cent of all trips planned.

Those from east and north-east travel outside more while majority of south Indian travellers prefer travelling within the region.
Couple travellers plan longer and more expensive holidays allocating the highest average budget of Rs 2,611 per person per night, followed by family travellers at Rs 2,137, group travellers at Rs 1,974 and single travellers at Rs 1,693, it said.

Holidays planned by women have 8 per cent higher budgets than those planned by men, it added.
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