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Infants pay as Safdarjung hospital lags behind

Infants pay as Safdarjung hospital lags behind
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Safdarjung hospital is facing many cases of infant deaths due to lack of adequate ventilators and medication. It is also alleged that the senior-most doctors and specialists, who are supposed to be attending patients on night duty, are fulfilling their duty sitting at home via phone.

Moreover, as per sources, there is not even a proper pediatric ICU in the hospital campus. The existing ‘pediatric ICU’ has merely eight beds. Everyday, at least two to three patients were made to lay on the trolleys due to insufficient number of beds in the ICU. To make matters worse, there are not many ventilators available for suffereing patients.

A year ago, Shankar, a south Delhi resident, got his child admitted in ward number 12. He claims that his child was denied ventilator facility, which pushed the child into a more critical condition.

Further, the hospital staff, on conditions of anonymity, admit that there is no proper water supply and sanitation facilties inside the hospital campus. While water and sanitation are essential for any hospital, in Safdarjung they are glaringly missing. Just walk inside the campus, and one can easily pinpoint the prevailing unhygeinic conditions, both inside and outside the hospital campus. Garbage are heaped up everywhere compromising the hygiene of the hospital and thus leading to health hazards. The state of Safdarjung hospital clearly indicates that the Municipal Corporation of Delhi and the hospital administration are both apathetic towards these issues.

To get a bed in Safdarjung hospital is a matter of serious concern. Recently, Ravinder, a south Delhi resident, came up with a complaint that he wanted her sister to get admitted in the ICU, but due to shortage of beds, he couldn’t admit his sister. And as a result the patient died.

This has almost become a routine, claim sources. People  wait to get admitted. Last Tuesday, a nurse from Safdarjung hospital had broken down in front of media, claiming that her father, who suffers from severe urinary problems, has not been provided with a bed and they have been waiting for the bed for the last six months.

Another serious issue that needs to be addressed here is the delay in getting the cancer reports. Apparently, in Safdarjung hospital, three to four weeks pass before the patient gets her status quo on his/her cancer. This sometimes leaves them with very less chances to getting cured.
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